Sony Releases PSP-E1000 Tech Specs

By Lauren Alessandra on August 22, 2011, 5:13PM EDT

Though the price for the PSP-E1000 is significantly less than its predecessor, the new model will be lacking a couple of components that may factor heavily into console sales.

As mentioned last week at Gamescom, the PSP-E1000 will not support WIFI keeping players from accessing PSN as well as playing online. Aside from that though, there will only be one speaker available opposed to the original stereo sound restricting players to monaural sound (without headphones). With the battery pack in, the PSP-E1000 will weigh a bit more compared to the PSP-3000, but will have the same size screen among other things.

The new PSP-E1000 will sell for a low 99 Euros, so those of you still wanting to buy one, this may be the best deal you're going to get before the release of the PlayStation Vita.

Source: CVG

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