Sony To Replace Mugged Boy's PSP, Namco Bandai Offers Free Game Package

By Colin Tan on August 10, 2011, 11:00PM EDT

If you follow the news and current events, you may recognize these disturbing pictures. Ashraf Haziq, a young Malaysian student studying in England was mugged. Injured and bleeding, Haziq was apparently aided by a couple of other individuals, only to discover that they were merely mugging him in the process.

Commenting on a site that was set up to do something nice for the student, SCEE Director of Marketing Alan Duncan said that PlayStation would "like to give him a new PSP and games," while asking for the best way to get in contact with the boy. In addition, Namco Bandai has also offered Haziq a package of games to compliment SCEE's goodwill gesture.

Haziq suffered a broken jaw during the on-going London riots, which has spread across England. The latest puts three dead after being hit by a vehicle in Birmingham while protecting their property. PM David Cameron has promised more "robust policing," authorizing the use of water cannons and rubber bullets "if they prove necessary."

Source: VG247

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