Sony: "We Have To Do Better" In The UK

By Nick Young on August 25, 2011, 2:30PM EDT

In a recent interview at Gamescom with MCV, Sony's European CEO Jim Ryan has admitted that the Playstation 3 needs to improve its sales in the UK. Compared to the Continental European market where the Playstation brand holds more dominance, the UK and US have favoured Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Jim Ryan hopes that the PS3's new £199 price will encourage more sales to a more satisfactory number. "This is something we have been planning for a while," Ryan said. "Getting to £199 is fantastic in the UK. It's a real milestone. UK is one of the territories where we have to do better."

Sony have high hopes that the inevitable boost in sales will match those of the previous PSone and PS2 consoles. "Once you get to £199 you hit lift off. We can do some serious business and this kick-starts that. Getting to £199 was a defining moment for the PSone and PS2 - this will be no different."

Unfortunately, back in the PS2 era, Sony did not have the likes of the Wii, the upcoming Wii U and the Xbox 360 to contend with.

Good luck Sony, you might need it.

Source: MCV

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