Square Enix, musterbrand LLC Unveil Deus Ex: Human Revolution Clothing Line

By Colin Tan on August 23, 2011, 3:53AM EST

Partnered up with the same online fashion retailer that brought you Konami and KojiPro's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker clothing line, Square Enix and musterbrand LLC have unveiled the Deus Ex: Human Revolution collection, featuring Adam Jensen's killer trench coat and other such apparels and goods.

Fans from both North America and Europe can check out the goods at the Deus Ex Store, which features logo'd tees, bandanas and Jensen's trench coat, which runs at a whopping $189 and €189.

"Standard logoed T"“shirts, sweatshirts, and hats are the norm," said Knut Jochen Bergel, CEO, musterbrand. "musterbrand's clothing lines are designed by top stylists, woven from the highest quality material, and cut so sharply they should come with a warning. DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION is already drawing praise for its unique design and playability "” we're aiming to replicate the game's popularity with our clothing line too."

"musterbrand has done an amazing job at not only bringing the clothing in DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION to life, but producing cool, wearable clothing inspired by the game," says Jonathan Jacque"“Belletete. "It's of utmost importance to me to always retain the integrity and signature look and style of the game in everything we produce. I think DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION fans will be stoked at musterbrand's offerings!"

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is out today in North America and Friday, August 26 in Europe. musterbrand's clothing line is available for purchase today.

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