Tameem Antoniades Discusses DmC's New Look, Aerial Combat

By Colin Tan on August 23, 2011, 3:23AM EDT

Dante's new look has polarized fans quite a bit, they either hate it or, well, don't hate it. Meanwhile, Ninja Theory's Creative Director Tameem Antoniades is pretty excited about the new DmC, which features a much younger Dante. Speaking with PlayStation Blog's Rey Gutierrez at gamescom last week, the man talked up the franchise's new look as well as Dante's affinity for aerial combat.

The city the game is set in is itself rather sullen and grey, however when Dante steps into a demon world, the city violently bursts with colour and contrast, breathing new life into the surroundings. Antoniades revealed that while playing around with the game's combat system, the team found that Dante took to the air rather easily, which turned out to be really fun, leading the team to make aerial combat an important aspect of the game.

Antoniades also mentions the game's music and how it dynamically tunes itself to the gameplay to keep players strapped in as Dante cuts down demons like they were pinatas.

Source: PS.Blog

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