Trine 2 Co-op Adventure Trailer

By Colin Tan on August 18, 2011, 8:53PM EST

The unlikely party of Knight, Rogue and Magician return for more puzzle platforming action in Trine 2. Experience the magical adventure with your friends as the popular Frozenbyte platforming adventure returns with both online and offline co-op.

The game is ridden with many physics-based puzzles and will require each character's unique traits, from the Knight's brawn to the Rogue's agility and the Wizard's cunning. Push elements in the world, swing across chasms and even create something out of thin air, whatever works to help get you to the end of each dungeon.

Trine 2 is currently set for a release later this year through PlayStation Network, XBLA and PC, although no solid date has yet been given.

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