Virtua Tennis 4 Smashes Its Way In With Features Trailer

By Colin Tan on August 23, 2011, 3:06AM EDT

One of the launch titles for Sony's PlayStation Vita, Virtua Tennis 4 looks to take full advantage of the many functions and control mechanics available exclusively on the device, from the touchscreen to the SixAxis gyroscope and, of course, the more traditional button inputs.

Here's a trailer that covers it all briefly, using the analog sticks you can move around as usual, toss in touch control and playing is as simple as tapping the screen with a variety of finger gestures executing different kinds of swings. There's even a top-down two-player mode where either player takes control from either end of the PSVita.

Sega will also be exploiting the device's front and rear cameras, letting you customize your own player using your face. Not a lot of details on that feature has been released yet, but expect more in the coming months.

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