XSEED Announces Fishing Resort For Nintendo Wii

By Shawn Collier on August 1, 2011, 10:31AM EDT

Last month Namco Bandai's Japanese branch and Yuji Naka (the former head of Sonic Team) announced that they would be releasing Prope's next game, Fishing Resort, on the Nintendo Wii in Japan. XSEED Games has announced that they have picked up the rights to the game in North America.

In Fishing Resort, players are put in control of their own island vacation and free to do as they please "“ get up early in the morning and try to grab massive fish in the deep sea, or rent a bicycle and travel to a remote lagoon. With over 20 fish-related mini games and over 200 varieties of fish available "“ not to mention four-player competitive modes and online leaderboards, which show players how they stack up against other anglers around the world "“ there's plenty of content for both casual players and completionists alike.

Jun Iwasaki, President of XSEED Games, had this to say about the news:

We appreciate NAMCO BANDAI Games giving us the opportunity to once again work with PROPE and Yuji Naka's team of visionaries on another original game property that delivers an engaging entertainment experience. Fishing Resort is an especially interesting title, blending accessibility with more complex game mechanics that players of all abilities can appreciate.

XSEED Games will be releasing Fishing Resort this Fall on the Nintendo Wii.

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