Bethesda Softworks Takes Minecraft Makers to Court

By Alastair Stevenson on September 29, 2011, 6:04PM EDT

Bethesda Softworks has mounted a lawsuit against Minecraft maker Mojang in the Swedish courts, attacking the company's future Scrolls RPG.

The legal action reportedly follows a letter Bethesda sent to Mojang back in August claiming Scrolls showed "significant visual, audio and conceptual similarities with... The Elder Scrolls" and could thus lead consumers to believe the two games came from "the same commercial origin".

At the time the letter was originally sent, Mojang's founder Markus Persson had dismissed the initial suggestion of a lawsuit commenting: "I assume this is all some more or less automated response to us applying for the trademark."

But, following his initial dismissal, Mojang's founder this week confirmed the case would be going to court tweeting, "The Scrolls case is going to court! Weee!" Mojang has since denied the allegations mounted against it, clarifying its belief that Scrolls does not infringe on Bethesda's intellectual property.

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