Destruction A 'Nice Add-On' In Battlefield, Says DICE

By Colin Tan on September 5, 2011, 11:25PM EDT

Destruction has become quite a key player in the Battlefield franchise since its debut in Bad Company. However, it's been said that Battlefield 3 will not feature completely destructible environments and DICE General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson recently spoke with IGN on the matter.

"When we threw in destruction, with having more dynamic environments in there, it actually worked out pretty well by itself," explained Troedsson. "The destruction didn't really rupture the whole Battlefield system. It actually was just a nice add-on."

He noted that while completely destructible environments were enjoyable, they also presented problems: "there were some maps that actually, after a while, if you played very long in the same area, you'd just grind down everything to the bottom, which made it really hard sometimes for, like, the defenders in a rush map. When we see these things, we have to add some covers that actually are not destructible."

In other news, Senior Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz recently revealed that unlocking an entire kit in Battlefield 3 can take as long as 100 hours.

Source: IGN

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