Hideo Kojima Teases Original Fox Engine Game For PS3, PSVita

By Colin Tan on September 14, 2011, 2:45AM EDT

Hideo Kojima announced tonight at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference that both the Metal Gear Solid and ZOE HD Collections will be released on the PSVita in addition to the PS3; on top of that, he talked more about the concept of Transfarring, teasing a whole new original game in the process.

Kojima's vision is to have a seamless experience between home console systems and handhelds, with the first step being transfarring between the PSP and PS3 (see: Peace Walker HD Edition) and the second step being between PS2 and PS3, thus Metal Gear Solid 2 HD and Metal Gear Solid 3 HD. The last and final step is a seamless game experience that is developed and released simultaneously on both the PS3 and PSVita: this is Kojima's new game.

It's a new, original title and will utilize the FOX Engine, Kojima's new multiplatform solution that was revealed earlier this year at E3. The goal is to develop and release the game simultaneously with the same level of quality on both the PS3 and PSVita versions. Kojima wouldn't share anymore details, but revealed that development will take some time.

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