Latest League Of Legends Champion Spotlight Is Xerath The Magus Ascendant

By Colin Tan on September 28, 2011, 11:11PM EDT

Check out the latest champion from Riot Games' League of Legends. This time the spotlight is on Xerath the Magus Ascendant, a new mage-type character that goes the extra mile without actually moving.

Think of Xerath as one of the siege tanks from StarCraft, he has the ability to bolt himself down in a defensive position, which then increases the range and penetration of his attacks.

"Xerath is something we liken to a Howitzer or artillery piece. He should really appeal to people who enjoy very long ranges and like aiming skillshots and leading targets. We're excited to offer a new mage paradigm to League of Legends, and will be continuing to add new ways to play existing roles into the game."

You can read more about Xerath over at the official League of Legends site. Don't forget to check out the accompanying art spotlight either, with work illustrated by Riot artist Kienan Lafferty.

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