Metal Gear Solid Makes Its Board Game Debut

By Colin Tan on September 22, 2011, 3:50PM EDT

Was building up Motherbase in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker not enough macro-managing for you? Good news, because Konami have announced Risk: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition in partnership with USAopoly and Hasbro. You read that right, it's a version of the popular board game Risk set in the Metal Gear Solid canon.

"Metal Gear Solid builds on the modernized and streamlined RISK game play introduced in 2008 with all new Metal Gear Solid components to create a unique, fun and fast paced experience for RISK and Metal Gear Solid Fans alike," said USAopoly lead game designer Adam Sblendario.

"In order to win you'll have to take advantage of Metal Gear Solid specific high powered black market weapons, hire the right mercenary boss at the right time, manage alliances and watch your back as the mobile battleship, Outer Haven, can invade territories from new locations (watch out Australia)."

With the Metal Gear Solid take on Risk, players will take control of the five biggest private military companies, launching daring assaults into enemy territories and defending your share of the war economy.

"Metal Gear Solid series fans and military buffs are sure to enjoy the intriguing variations to the Risk: Metal Gear Solid game as they play out an intense crusade for world supremacy," said Konami VP of Licensing and Business Development Careen Yapp. "USAOPOLY is a leading developer of some of the world's most famous custom themed-board games and we are delighted to join forces to bring a new strategic conquest game to the table top."

The Risk: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition will be available for pre-order for $49.95 from October 3 to November 15, 2011. Be warned, there will only be 2,014 copies of the game made, featuring exclusive, never-before-seen artwork from Yoji Shinkawa on the box package.

Risk: Metal Gear Solid - Packaging

Risk: Metal Gear Solid - Custom Map

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