New Trailer For Upcoming Santa Monica PS3 Exclusive Is Puzzling

By Lauren Alessandra on September 27, 2011, 12:05PM EDT

Santa Monica Studio, the developer responsible for the God of War series, has been very mysterious about their new title with the Polish demoscene group Plastic and apparently their two new trailers for the game are supposed to give people answers.

There are two trailers which are nearly identical to each other but with minor changes. It's from the perspective of someone walking through a forest towards a door standing in the middle of a forest. It doesn't open at all during either trailer but it does begin to disappear in the second one. There's also a scene of the main character crawling through a cave filled with butterflies, random pigs, and a driving scene which ends in what should be a very fatal car crash. During the driving scene there's a point where it appears as though you're seeing double which maybe a hint that this title will be in 3-D.

This trailer seems to provoke more questions than answers, so hopefully there'll be more information in the near future on this title.

Source: Eurogamer

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