Nintendo Sued Again Over Alleged Patent Infringement

By Colin Tan on September 7, 2011, 8:29PM EDT

Here comes a new challenger! The lawsuits continue as Nintendo have been sued yet again, this time by ThinkOptic, over an alleged patent infringement concerning the Wii and even the Wii U.

The patent filed by ThinkOptic, makers of the Wavit Remote, describe "electronic equipment for handheld vision based absolute pointing system."

"The rejection of [...] applications "” assigned to Nintendo Co. Ltd. "” based on the '116 patent is proof that the Nintendo defendants knew or should have known of the objective risk that one or more of their products infringed at least one claim of at least the '116 Patent," alleges ThinkOptic.

Nintendo aren't the only ones listed in the suit either, other companies include Nyko Technologies, GameStop, RadioShack and even JC Penny. ThinkOptic is requesting a trial by jury over the matter.

Source: IndustryGamers

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