Snow Golems Coming To Minecraft Ver 1.9

By Lauren Alessandra on September 22, 2011, 12:29PM EST

Need help against those 'Creepers' in Minecraft? Well, Notch from Mojang has revealed that in version 1.9 of the popuar indie game, there will be "Snow Golems" who will act as minions helping you against those evil enemies.

Basically, if there's an enemy coming at you, a Snow Golem will come around shooting snowballs in their face directing the enemies to them instead of you. As they travel, they will leave snow trails behind them, and if they should tread into some lava, they'll melt away.

With that in mind, we are just one update closer to the full version of Minecraft set to release in November. Not too much longer to go!

Source: Eurogamer

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