Sony 2009 Patent Resembles Nintendo's Wii U

By Colin Tan on September 6, 2011, 1:26AM EDT
Wii UVitaPS3

Nintendo's Wii U may be trying out some interesting tech, but according to recent findings Sony Computer Entertainment Europe may have patented similar technology way back in 2009. Here's what the abstract reads:

A portable electronic device comprises a display facing in a first direction, a video camera facing in a second direction substantially opposite to the first direction, a receiver operable to receive supplementary image data from a remote image source, the supplementary image data comprising an indication of where a supplementary image is positioned with respect to a reference image, and in which the portable electronic device is arranged in operation to display a captured image from the video camera on the display of the portable electronic device, and when the captured image comprises all or part of the reference image as displayed on a separate display, the portable electronic device is arranged in operation to display the supplementary image positioned with respect to the reference image, instead of the corresponding part of the captured image.

Furthermore, the patent may also be describing features and functions of the PlayStation Vita, which shares similarities to the Wii U such as a touchscreen, cameras, gyroscopes and an accelerometer.

The PlayStation Vita is currently set for release later this year in Japan and early 2012 for the West. Recent rumours put the device on schedule for a November 2011 release in Asia. Nintendo's Wii U on the other hand will not see release within this fiscal year.

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