Square Enix Responds To Allegations Of Racism In Deus Ex: Human Revolution

By Colin Tan on September 1, 2011, 7:57PM EDT

Square Enix have released a statement in response to accusations of racism featured in Eidos Montreal's recently released Deus Ex: Human Revolution where one particular NPC is seen digging through the trash and speaks in an accent most commonly associated with the American slave period.

The NPC's name is Letitia, just one of many NPCs roaming the streets of a gang-ridden Detroit, but apparently her portrayal has come off as racist to a number of people. Enough for Square Enix to actually respond.

"Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fictional story which reflects the diversity of the world's future population by featuring characters of various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. While these characters are meant to portray people living in the year 2027, it has never been our intention to represent any particular ethnic group in a negative light."

You can watch and hear what Letitia sounds like in the video below.

Source: Gamesradar

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