Square Enix Reveals Two PSVita Launch Titles

By Colin Tan on September 14, 2011, 3:54AM EST

Square Enix not only revealed Final Fantasy X HD for both PSVita and PS3, but the Japanese publisher has also announced two new titles to accompany the launch of the PlayStation Vita on December 17 in Japan.

First up is Lord of Apocalypse, which is an action RPG and potentially related to this year's Lord of Arcana, a Monster Hunter style action RPG for the PSP. The second game the publisher revealed goes by the title of Army Corps of Hell and is an 'Army Action' style game.

Square Enix did not reveal any more details other than that they were launch titles for the PSVita.

Yes, it looks like Lord of Apocalypse is indeed a follow up to Lord of Arcana and it appears that it'll be released on both PSP and PSVita.

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