UK Retailer GAME Ends Xbox 360 Pre-Owned Sales

By Alastair Stevenson on September 5, 2011, 3:06PM EDT

Alongside its subsidiary GameStation, UK retailer GAME is set to instigate a new policy stopping sales of a number of Microsoft's Xbox 360 console models.

The new policy will see GAME and GameStation stop re-selling second hand Core, Arcade and 20GB non-HDMI models of Microsoft's Xbox 360 console. Speaking to Eurogamer, a GAME spokesman has since clarified that the policy amendment was motivated by quality control issues rather than a drop in the console's demand.

"As of Saturday 3rd September we will not be selling pre-owned Xbox 360 Cores, Arcades and 20GB non HDMIs. This is due to the high failure rate of the console and the difficulty and cost of repairing them," commented the GAME spokesman.

The retailer later highlighted the Xbox 360's ongoing "red ring of death" as one of the key motivating factors in its decision.


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