We're Doing Generation Kill And 24 With Battlefield 3, Says DICE

By Colin Tan on August 31, 2011, 8:54PM EDT

While a certain rival shooter on the market may be focused on the non-stop, blockbuster action, DICE is aiming for the same tones as Generation Kill and 24 with Battlefield 3. Speaking with VG247, Battlefield 3 leader designer David Goldfarb compared the game with HBO's slower, but just as intense, original series.

"It's interesting. I think it's more about tone than anything else for us," Goldfarb said when asked about using games to tell a story. "To use the example of Modern Warfare: they're doing things their way and they're awesome at that, but we wanted to do things our way, and we hope that we're awesome at that. And that means we're doing Generation Kill and 24; that's closer to what we're doing, I think. They may be weird bedfellows, but we are looking for a broad pacing, from 1-10 as opposed to 10-11. I think that's a pretty big deal for shooters, to try to do that kind of pacing, to have it be slow for a little while and to make people wait. That's much harder than we thought it was."

Goldfarb described creating the sniper scene in the Faultline cuts seen earlier in the year which apparently took a really long time to "get right," despite nothing happening for the first six minutes.

"For example, that sniper section on the roof from the Faultline stuff earlier this year? That shit took forever to get right. Just the first six minutes where you don't fire a shot took a long time to make it be good. People were like, 'That's awesome. I didn't do anything for six minutes.' But do you think you did? I think that's a big challenge. It's a challenge for all the disciplines. It sounds weird to say that we've succeeded in making you appreciate that nothing is happening for six minutes, but it's a big deal.

"Obviously, there's stuff that's much more about action, but I think it's really a tone thing. That encompasses a lot of stuff."

DICE recently revealed that the story campaign will last slightly longer than Modern Warfare 2's. Battlefield 3 is out October 25 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: VG247

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