XSEED Games Announces Corpse Party For PSP

By Shawn Collier on September 2, 2011, 1:57PM EDT

For Japanese RPG fans XSEED Games has definitely satisfied your appetite over the last year. But fans of horror games haven't been as lucky, which is why the publisher has announced Corpse Party for release on the Sony PSP.

Corpse Party features highly-detailed 2D graphics with a 16-bit flair, giving it a uniquely distinctive look and feel and leaving just enough up to the player's imagination to enhance the impact of its already deeply disturbing plotline. With the aid of headphones, players will hear characters speak to them from the corner of the room, directly into their ears or even from inside their own heads to create a chilling 3D audio experience. Through various actions, decisions and sometimes even knee-jerk reflexes, the outcome of the story will change. There are no Game Over screens here: only dozens of brutally detailed, agonizing and heart-wrenching scenarios branching off of the one true path that might lead to the player's eventual salvation.

XSEED Games currently has the title pegged for a Fall 2011 release exclusively on PSN for the Sony PSP in North America. Until then, you can check out the initial batch of screenshots and artwork for the game below.

XSEED Games Announces Corpse Party For PSP (3)XSEED Games Announces Corpse Party For PSP (4)

XSEED Games Announces Corpse Party For PSPXSEED Games Announces Corpse Party For PSP (2)

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