Del Toro: Hollywood Underestimates Video Games At Its Peril

By Lauren Alessandra on October 31, 2011, 4:56PM EDT

Directors who make the move into video games have received quite a lashing from the video game industry lately as many believe that directors are only in it for the money. But film director - now video game director - Guillermo del Toro insists that those who wish to dabble in video games should know what kind of monster they are dealing with.

Ironically, del Toro was speaking on a Irrational Games' podcast about the topic. Ken Levine from Irrational Games had previously scoffed at del Toro's comments about making video games, but now the pair seemed to have reconciled.

"The set of tools you have to make a good movie, you'd be really stupid to think you can use those to develop a game, or vice versa. They are completely different," del Toro said. "The mistake you have many times is you have a filmmaker who says 'oh there's money in video games, I'm going to go make a video game'. No."

Del Toro also went on to claim that video games are the future in terms of narrative storytelling. "The video game - not all of them right now - but the video games we'll be playing in 2020 will be f***ing masterpieces. Many masterpieces."

If games like L.A. Noir, Uncharted, and Heavy Rain are any indication, it seems as though del Toro is on to something. Hopefully, he'll be able to prove his worth when Insane comes out in 2013.

Source: Irrational Games

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