DIG London Finalizes Schedule, Speakers, and Details

By Adam Ma on October 27, 2011, 2:33PM EST

Anyone looking to seriously enter the gaming industry and resides near London, Ontario has no reason to miss DIG London this year. One of the less advertised industry events DIG focuses on bringing developers into an environment where students can better understand what actually goes into creating a hit game, from AAA title to lesser known mobile apps. It's a pretty major change of pace from those fantastic behind the scenes interviews that show you all the bells and whistles, but not necessarily how any of those bells or whistles come together and work, which is just as (if not more) valuable in today's competitive job market.

The list of speakers ranges from from level designers and industry consultants, to marketing representatives and studio directors, and will cover topics from how to pitch a game to learning how to manage and direct a team. It's almost an understatement how valuable any of these skills are for those looking to prepare for work in the industry, and just getting the opportunity to meet some of the developers one on one for a quick chat is worth it. Among such attendees are are BioWare Montreal's Studio Director Yanick Roy, CEO of Digital Extremes James Schmalz, and the Director of Business Development for RIM Volker Hirsch. It's a small part of an all-star cast that's coming together in a fairly intimate environment, all created for the benefit of students and aspiring young Canadian professionals.

DIG London takes place Nov 16-17 at the London Convention Centre, and if you happen to be in the area please feel free to say hello as we'll be providing coverage of the event on the day of. For more information regarding the conference's keynotes and sessions be sure to visit their site below.

Source: DIG London 2011

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