Gears of War 3 "˜RAAM's Shadow' DLC Release Date Announced

By Alastair Stevenson on October 21, 2011, 11:22AM EST

Microsoft has confirmed Gears of War 3's new DLC pack RAAM's Shadow will be arriving on XBLA December 13, 2011. In its statement Microsoft promised the new pack would include up to three more hours of gameplay. The DLC's story promises to chronicle events that occurred prior to to the first Gears of War title, allowing players to play as numerous new characters "including RAAM himself."

Alongside the new campaign story, RAAM's Shadow will also come with six new multiplayer characters, a chocolate weapon set and 250 more points worth of achievements.

"In addition to fighting as a new squad of Gears, players will step into the boots of RAAM himself, and for the first time storm the human stronghold from the perspective of one of the series' most legendary bosses," read Microsoft's statement.

"RAAM's imposing size and strength, along with his Kryll shield, make him one of the most powerful and daunting foes in the "˜Gears' universe... We think fans are going to have a blast unleashing hell upon the poor humans for the first time in a campaign setting."

RAAM's Shadow is the second of the four DLC packs planned for the Gears of War 3. Before its release the smaller Horde Command pack is set to arrive on November 1. The pack will grant players three new playable characters and new fortifications for the game's Horde mode.

All four of the new DLC packs can be pre-ordered via the Gears of War 3 Season Pass which is currently available for 2,400 MS points

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