Kinect Continues To Expand Popularity In The Business World

By Lauren Alessandra on October 31, 2011, 7:00AM EDT

Although the Kinect has only been around for about a year now, the Xbox 360 add on has had a massive impact on the gaming world as well as the real world. Now the device is pushing boundaries even further by entering into the business world.

Car manufacturer Toyota has been using the Kinect in order to provide consumers with a virtual showroom. Tedesys, a Spanish technology group, linked the device to a PC in order to provide surgeons with a way to go through patient records faster and with ease. Microsoft has now announced that starting early 2012 they will begin selling commercial versions of Kinect for Windows Software Development Kits to businesses.

Alex Kipman, director of incubation for Xbox, said "I can guarantee you that 12 months from now, educational, academic and commercial applications will look nothing like what they are today,"

As of March 2011, the Kinect has sold nearly 10 million units since its release in November last year. Who knows? There may even be Kinect enabled children programs in the future. Seasame Street anyone?

Source: Financial Times

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