Kojima Admits He Wants To Keep Making MGS Games Till After He's Dead

By Lauren Alessandra on October 10, 2011, 9:25AM EST

Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima admitted that as long asthere are still fans of the Metal Gear Solid series, he will keep making Metal Gear Solid games even after he's dead.

He said, "As a producer, I will always want to still make them and I want the series to continue." Although, this also begs the question of whether or not Metal Gear Solid will be Metal Gear Solid without Kojima. "So of course I have tried in the past. I've tried to hand Metal Gear off to other people within the studio and I've tried to raise people up so they have the ability to take over," he said, "But for some reason it just never really works out. And, you know, I end up having to step in again to take charge and kind of fix things here and there and just get sucked back in unfortunately."

Fortunately for us, Kojima doesn't seem to be leaving his Metal Gear Solid team anytime soon. Kojima producing more Metal Gear Solid games like Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater HD and Metal Gear Solid: Rising, so maybe he'll stick around for years to come.

Source: GameTrailers

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