PlayStation Celebrates Fans With 'Michael' Long Live Play Trailer

By Colin Tan on October 5, 2011, 2:52PM EST

Remember that brief Long Live Play video PlayStation teased awhile back? Well, this is it. The full shebang. PlayStation is celebrating its fans with a video that showcases not only every notable video game this generation, but the fans too! Hence the title 'Michael.'

You'll see Nathan Drake of Uncharted fame talking to Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII; Cole MacGrath from inFamous, Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid; Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal playing chess with Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet; even the God of War, Helghast and the Chimera are there to partake of the reverie. There's a lot more easter eggs, see if you can spot them all.

The photos at the end are real pictures of members of PlayStation Nation, who sent in their photos to compete in being featured in the Long Live Play campaign. Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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