Pre-Canada Cup Warm Ups This Sunday In Toronto

By Adam Ma on October 28, 2011, 7:45PM EDT

Going to be in Toronto for the weekend and enjoy Fighting games? Then you have absolutely no excuse to avoid the Canada Cup warmups that A&C Games will be hosting this Sunday. For those unfamiliar the Canada Cup represents one of the best opportunities for Canadian talent to beat the tar out of each other in SSFIV:AE, MvC3, and 3rd Strike in exchange for prizes and bragging rights. But before the Cup officially kicks off early next month those heading over will be doing some last minute practice for some decent prizes.

Even if you're not so sure you'll win the day A&C Games has a fantastic community, and it should be good fun for anyone who happens to be in the area. For those making a bit of a trip it may be worth it as Toronto Top Tiers will be helping those looking to participate make the appropriate accommodations; and worst comes to worst you can always check out the live stream at when the fighting starts.

Good luck to all the participants and be sure to stay tuned to for more information regarding local gaming events. As always if you have a tip (or at looking to support a local event) click our tips button below, or click the link for more info regarding the Pre-Canada Cup warm up tournament.

Source: Toronto Top Tiers

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