Resident Evil Chronicles Series Coming To PS3

By Lauren Alessandra on October 31, 2011, 6:30AM EDT

The two recent rail shooter Resident Evil titles, The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles, are moving from their home on the Nintendo Wii to the PlayStation Move as announced by Capcom this past weekend.

At Resident Evil's 15th Anniversary event in Japan, Capcom let everyone in on the re-release stating that they will both be released under the Resident Evil HD Selections. This means they will feature updated graphics and support for PS Move. The Umbrella Chronicles provides an overview of the Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil, and Nemesis titles where the Darkside Chronicles cover Resident Evil 2 and Code: Veronica.

There is currently no information on whether or not this title will be available outside of Japan, but hopefully there will be more soon.

Source: Andriasang

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