Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Collector's Edition

By Colin Tan on October 19, 2011, 8:42PM EST

Square Enix have announced not one, but two Collector's Editions for the upcoming sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, which is scheduled for a late January 2012 release. The publisher-cum-developer had previously announced pre-order incentives earlier in the month.

The Limited Collector's Edition is packed with a lovely The Art of Final Fantasy XIII-2 art book and a soundtrack featuring tracks selected by the development team themselves. There's also quite a shiny print of Lightning's portrait. All of this is packaged together in a special collector's box.

The Crystal Edition comes packed with everything in the Limited Collector's Edition and more, including the entire original soundtrack instead of the featured tracks album (the soundtrack does not include the theme song "New World" performed by Charice), an exclusive T-shirt with a graphic print of Lightning's weapon that can't be bought anywhere else, and six collectible postcards. Of course, both editions ship with a copy of the game as well.

The Limited Collector's and Crystal Editions retail for £59.99 and £79.99 respectively.

Source: CVG

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