Wide Range of Industry Speakers Headline DIG London

By Adam Ma on October 6, 2011, 8:38PM EDT

Though not as large as some of the other developer conferences out there DIG London does a fantastic job each year of putting a bit more perspective into the games we have all known to grow and love. Most of the time we hear about the time and energy that goes into making a particularly good map, weapon or game mechanic, but few conferences outside of DIG offer the insight into how the games are put together from a business standpoint (and more importantly insight on how to get a foot into the industry).

This year appears to be no exception as local Canadian developers Digital Extremes, Silicon Knights and Big Blue Bubble join a list of speakers that features RIM's Director of Business Development and Konami's Vice President of Franchise Development. It's a pretty interesting blend of professionals that all make contributions to modern gaming in ways that are often left in the dark, and anyone looking for a job in the industry can benefit from what these men and women have to say.

Look forward to more coverage on DIG London 2011 as the conference rears its head around the corner November 16, and be sure to take part in Big Blue Bubble's contest as posted from their main page. No reason to lose out on a chance to have a game you create get developed for free. For more information regarding the conference hit the link below.

Official website: http://diglondon.ca/
Conference page: http://diglondon.ca/index.php/main/menu_link/conference/digin

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