Apple, Google Set To Conquer The Handheld Market

By Alastair Stevenson on November 12, 2011, 6:20AM EDT

New research has emerged suggesting that by the end of 2011 sales of games for the iOS and Android eco-systems will exceed those of the PSP and 3DS.

The prophesy broke after research analytics firm Flurry, issued a report suggesting that by the end of 2011 games made for iOS and Android devices will generate more money than the combined sales of dedicated handheld games for the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSP.

Flurry went to report its belief that by the end of the year iOS and Android will speak for a titan 58 percent of the handheld market. If true the rise would mark a 34 percent increase in the operating systems' 2010 share.

The research firm's findings run in line with the current slew of troubles Nintendo's 3DS is suffering. Since launching the handheld has continually underwhelmed, with low sales and a lack of strong titles hampering its performance.

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