Call of Duty Elite Status Set To 'Green', Mobile Apps Coming Next Week

By Brad Tramel on November 24, 2011, 9:30AM EST

Thus far, early adopters of Call of Duty's online Elite service haven't exactly gotten what they paid for. Elite has been riddled with bugs and lacked full functionality since day one, but Activision is promising change for some time next week.

"We changed our status to green yesterday," said Daniel Suarez, vice president of production at Activision.

Apparently, green means operational. Elite has been fading in and out of functionality for the last few days, but this has allowed Activision to slowly stop prioritizing premium members. Now free and paid member should have full access.

Suarez later noted that the entire system is running, and while there are "kinks to work out still," updates are being implemented. The clan service is one indication of the system's solid repair, as 100,000 teams are already registered.

The promised mobile apps, allowing for on-the-go class customization and statistic comparison, served as the impetus for many to register for Elite, yet these have been missing as well. Suarez revealed that we should see the mobile apps hit next week, but isn't sure whether the iOS or Android version will surface first. Suarez also gave no mention of the elusive PC version of Elite.

This is certainly good news for those who continue to grind through Modern Warfare 3's robust multiplayer component, but the alleged improvements to functionality and imminence of the mobile apps mean nothing until players can get it in their hands and see the advancements for themselves.

Source: Kotaku

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