Counter Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta Delayed

By Beyhan Moustafa on November 1, 2011, 9:49AM EDT

Valve has announced that its upcoming title Counter Strike: Global Offensive, will have its closed beta pushed back due to early feedback from early testers.

Chet Faliszek gave the news in an interview with ESEA News and noted that there are fundamental issues that needed to be resolved before the closed beta is released. Unfortunately, he did not disclose any information regarding the release date, but did say that 10,000 people would take part in the first wave of the beta. This number will to increase while Valve perform "infrastructure and scalability" tests.

While it may seem premature to discuss the end date of the beta, Faliszek did disclose that the beta will eventually be open to everyone and that the final version of the beta will be the version that will be released in the full version.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be based on the same version of Source which Portal 2 used and will require only DirectX 9 to run.

Source: YouTube

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