Epic Games Issues Statement Following Gears Of War 3 DLC Delay

By Lauren Alessandra on November 1, 2011, 7:02AM EST

In response to the sudden delay of the 'Horde' DLC Pack for Gears of War 3, Epic Games have now issued a statement apologising to the fans who expected to see the DLC at some point today.

Epic Games' community manager "Raczilla" had this to say: "We apologise to those of you who are anxiously awaiting to play. We know this is disappointing news as we've seen a lot of posts today showing excitement for this content."

Raczilla also promised that the developers are working around the clock in order to solve the issue. The problem was caused by a "technical issue" and although Raczilla addressed that the delay was temporary, he was not able to announce a new release date for the DLC. "I understand the frustration, but it would be unfair to communicate an ETA that we don't have. Better to give you solid information when we know more."

With 3 new maps and 4 fortification upgrades, it's no wonder that fans are disappointed by this. Hopefully, they won't be disappointed for much longer.

Source: Epic Games

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