Final Fantasy XIII-2 Enemies Will Be Even Meaner

By Lauren Alessandra on November 9, 2011, 7:16AM EDT

Newcomers to the Final Fantasy franchise or those who had a bit of trouble with fighting enemies FFXIII beware; the directors of FFXIII-2 have now announced that this time around the enemies will be even tougher.

Dengeki PlayStation Directo Motomu Toriyama and Battle Director Yusuka Matsui have revealed that the bosses this time around have been made a bit tougher than in the previous title and advise that perhaps newcomers should play through the new 'Easy Mode' the first time around. They have also mentioned that the Paradigm Shift system has been tweaked and now characters will switch instantly from Paradigm to Paradigm without any short cutscene inbetween.

We're getting closer and closer to Final Fantasy XIII-2's release date so stick around for more information and be sure to tune into our next Final Fantasy Union Podcast episode which will go up next Tuesday, November 15th.

Source: Andriasang

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