Joe Danger Dev Attempts To Diffuse PS3 Owners' Rage

By Lauren Alessandra on November 4, 2011, 10:28AM EDT

In an effort to calm PS3 Owners raging about Joe Danger's move to the Xbox Live Arcade, Hello Games' Sean Murray has issued a statement explaining just why the decisions were made.

"It's always weird when what you perceive is an exclusive title goes to another platform," said Murray.

One of the things that seems to anger PS3 Owners most is the additional exclusive content Xbox 360 owners will be receiving. However, Murray insists that this may actually be a step in the right direction as this is the first time Microsoft has allowed a game to be released on XBLA that was originally released on the PS3.

"I certainly know when we dealt with MS before right at the start of Joe Danger when we were originally doing it, compared to dealing with them now we've certainly found a different attitude and more openness," Murray says of Microsoft. "People who have come to the Eurogamer Expo a couple of years ago when we first showed Joe Danger, it's always written in the Eurogamer comments, somebody will say, I've played this game two years or three years ago and it was on XBLA. And they will always say XBLA please, because they know it was at some point."

Joe Danger Special Edition will be out sometime this holiday season. Whether or not Hello Games' response will diffuse PS3 owners' rage or not is still uncertain.

Source: Eurogamer

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