Joe Danger Special Edition Coming To Xbox Live Arcade

By Lauren Alessandra on November 3, 2011, 8:26AM EST

Xbox 360 owners can finally get their hands on Joe Danger as the Special Edition version of the title is coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

Joe Danger, which was a PlayStation Network exclusive, follows the career of a motorbike stuntman named Joe Danger. Players must complete each obstacle course while collecting as many stars as possible. The Special Edition version includes even more content than the first title with a few upgrades to the gameplay.

Hello Games' Sean Murray said, "Like Joe Danger was well received and everything, but my god there were things we didn't like about it. There were places where it was actually pretty frustrating or confusing to play, and I really think we've ironed that out."

There is no official release date set as of right now although Hello Games said that they expect the title to be released sometime this Holiday season.

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