Joe Danger XBLA Given 'Sony's Blessing'

By Patrick Molloy on November 8, 2011, 5:02PM EST

An enhanced port of 2010's PlayStation Network title Joe Danger is now heading to Xbox Live Arcade as Joe Danger: Special Edition this holiday. It's not a transition seen often (for a PSN game to end up on XBLA), and this one is all the more unusual considering the game was partially funded by Sony.

The Sony Pub Fund, announced at GDC in 2009, provides development and marketing assistance in addition to guaranteed royalties matching a game's development budget. Joe Danger was one of the games to benefit from this. It turned out to be a solid game, but Xbox 360 gamers weren't able to enjoy it at the time.

Apparently, feeling there was some success to be had on XBLA, Hello Games decided to develop the Special Edition for the platform. Sony presumably could have gotten in the way of the port, but Hello Games managing director Sean Murray recently spoke with Edge, explaining that both Sony and Microsoft were very cooperative. "I can't really talk about the details of the Pub Fund, but of course this has all been given Sony's blessing," Murray said.

Source: Edge

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