Konami Integrates Digipass Security Into Its Online Games

By Patrick Molloy on November 28, 2011, 11:17AM EDT

Konami announced today that it will integrate Digipass security technology into its online games and online shopping services, as a means of enhancing protection of user details.

The company said that with fraudulent online activity on the rise, it has been necessary to integrate the Digipass security features, made available via an agreement with Internet security company Vasco.

Users will be able to select whether they want to use the Digipass one-button authenticator, which the company says adds an additional layer of security for its customers.

The system is being implemented as a solution for Konami's 'e-Amusement Gate' community website, and its online shopping website 'Konami Style'.

Konami's Mitsuhiro Masanobu explained, "At Konami we realize that our customers are our most important assets."

"By implementing leading authentication security we not only gain a competitive advantage, it will also ultimately lead to increased customer trust, retention and game play. Vasco's Digipass authenticators offered us the flexibility and scalability to support our vast international customer base without negatively impacting the gaming experience."

Source: The Sacramento Bee

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