Next-Generation Kinect Will Be Able to Read Emotions

By Alastair Stevenson on November 29, 2011, 10:41AM EDT

New reports have emerged suggesting that as well as tracking body movements, the next-generation of Microsoft's Kinect will be able to detect emotions and read lips.

According to tech site BGR, the next generation of the Kinect will be able to monitor its user's moods by tracking both their facial expressions and the pitch and volume of their voice. If true, the new tech would build on features already housed in Microsoft's "Avatar" Kinect Software, which reportedly allows the Kinect to track users' eyebrow and mouth movements.

Earlier in the year Eurogamer had issued a similar article suggesting that the Kinect hardware was already capable of many of the task listed in BGR's report, but that it was the Xbox 360's out-of-date hardware that was stifling progress. Eurogamer specifically listed the console's USB interface as a key problem, suggesting it was too slow to support new emotion and lip sync capabilities.

Luckily for those seeking to check out what the Kinect can really do, Microsoft are on the verge of opening the unit up for PC development -- meaning those wishing to create and use the device on more cutting edge hardware, will finally have the opportunity to do so.

Source: BGR

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