Nintendo Wii's Boom Street Dated

By Lauren Alessandra on November 15, 2011, 8:13AM EDT

Boom Street, the English version of the Japanese title Itadaki Street, will be released early next year Nintendo has announced.

Both titles are electronic board games following rules that are similar to Monopoly. Basically, players are fighting against each other to earn the most money by purchasing propeties and investing. Unlike Monopoly, you can even purchase shares and earn dividends.

Boom Street will have two themes for players to choose from; Mario or Dragon Quest. It allows for up to four players in local play and players can also play online. You can play as your Mii or choose from over 20 different characters from Mario and Dragon Quest. This will also mark the first time Itadaki Street has been recreated outside of Japan.

Boom Street will be out in stores starting January 6th 2012. If you have not tried any of the Itadaki Street titles, don't miss out on Boom Street.

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