Orcs Must Die Gets More DLC November 8

By Patrick Molloy on November 7, 2011, 6:29PM EST

Orcs Must Die! is an absolute blast to play, despite its somewhat unorthodox main character. There are few things more satisfying than grinding some monsters into a pulp after a hard day at work. In an effort to keep up the momentum, developer Robot Entertainment recently announced that the second DLC pack for its excellent action-strategy title will be available on Tuesday, November 8.

This latest pack, known as Lost Adventures, offers new levels, new enemies, new rewards and a new defensive structure to make use of. Five new levels make up the core of the new $2.99 pack. Four of these are brand new, and the fifth is a reversed version of The Tower level where enemies have the higher ground. Two new enemies will also join the fray. These new foes take the form of the Frost Bat and the Cyclops Mage.

Orcs Must Die! Lost Adventures is due out on November 8 on Steam. It'll cost you $2.99. Check out the base game at the official website. It is currently unknown whether or not the DLC pack will be coming to Xbox 360 at some point.

Source: Robot Entertainment

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