Retailer Leaks God of War 4 Release Date

By Lauren Alessandra on November 14, 2011, 5:42AM EDT

New Zealand retailer Mighty Ape suffered a bit of a hiccup this week after fans started noticing release date information for the next God of War title on the store's website.

Mighty Ape has since removed the date from their site, but it does beg the question on whether or not the date is legitimate, although the logo the site used was apparently from a God of War 4 fan made trailer.

The game was listed for a September 4th 2012 release which coincides with the rumours that God of War will be released some time in September 2012. The mighty Kratos has been pretty silent since appearing in the Mortal Kombat, so perhaps fans are due for a bit of God of War news even if it may be false.

Source: Mighty Ape

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