Timing For Call of Duty Elite PC Version Remains Nebulous

By Patrick Molloy on November 15, 2011, 8:39PM EST

Following intermittent issues with Activision's Call of Duty Elite social networking service, the company has now revealed that the PC version may not see the light of day any time soon.

Since its console launch last week, the Elite service has had loading problems and Activision was forced to apologize for what it called a "rocky start" and pledged to fix things as soon as possible.

The PC version was delayed as a result of these issues. However, the company has now said in a tweet via its official Twitter account, "we are working towards a universal Elite experience but we cannot guarantee if or when a version will be available for the PC."

The ongoing issues with Elite are noteworthy. The service is Activision's subscription-based bid to better monetize its massively popular Call of Duty games, which many gamers may play online for hundreds of hours. Paying subscribers get monthly downloadable content, competitions with prizes, early access to new game features and other perks for an annual fee of $50.

This tweet coincides with a new update on the Elite website, which states that "we've improved the stability for both the console app and website and while neither is yet working at 100 percent, you should be seeing the results of that work."

The company also revealed that the mobile app version of Elite has been delayed as a result of the stability issues.

As part of a new FAQ on the Activision website, the company has stated, "Since we do not want to add even more stress to the back-end servers, we are holding back on launching the Elite mobile applications until the service is stable and our players can easily access it."

"We will have the apps ready to launch as soon as we are comfortable the experience will be a great one, and will update with more information soon."

Source: GameSpy

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