Toronto Top Tiers Announce Fighting Dream Invitational

By Adam Ma on November 8, 2011, 11:41PM EDT

One of the best parts of the fighting game community isn't just participating, it's sitting back and watching some of the best go head to head. Between the excitement of high end tournament gameplay and the drama that generally unfolds between contestants there's always something to look forward to. Anyone who has ever taken part in the excitement of large scale fighting tournaments like EVO know that the best rivalries are formed out on the streets for long period of time before being brought into the limelight. That kind of clash of titans generally leads to the best kind of action, and it's that the kind of excitement that Fighting Dream Invitational is looking to bring to the forefront.

Being an invitational event only those who are specifically chosen will be fighting, but seeing as the contestants have been hand picked based upon about a years worth of drama no one should leave disappointed. It's a great opportunity to quickly learn who the locals are, meet fellow gamers who are beyond passionate about the fighting game scene, and naturally get to cheer as everyone playing will be doing so almost purely for bragging rights. There's also some cash on the line, but when it comes to the joy shutting down a potential rival in front of a crowd of people the payoff seems fairly second rate.

For more information regarding the event click the link below, and if you can't make it be sure to hit up Toronto Top Tiers livestream at The fighting takes place November 9th from 7pm on, so be sure to stop in on the action and cheer for your favorite fighter (or team). Best of luck to all the contestants and may whomever is playing Phoenix lose because that character is an absolute joke.

Source: Toronto Top Tiers

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