Uncharted 3 Patch 1.02 Goes Live, Adds 'Alternative Aim'

By Lauren Alessandra on November 28, 2011, 5:36AM EST

In response to feedback received from Uncharted fans, Naughty Dog have now released a patch in hopes of solving the aiming issues fans have complained about in Uncharted 3.

Now, there's an "alternative aim" setting that has been added to the Options menu, but don't leap for joy just yet. This option is only available to those playing in single player mode; not multiplayer.

With this patch, players can now throw grenades while scoped, players' running speed while performing a run n' gun has been lowered, and objective points have been moved from the Cooperative statistics tab to the players' Competitive statistics tab.

"A lot of your feedback went making [into] this patch happen so keep letting us know what you think of the game," said community manager Eric Monacelli.

For more information on the Uncharted 3 1.02 patch, check out the Naughty Dog Blog.

Source: Naughty Dog Blog

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