Crusader Kings II 'Envy' Live Action Trailer Released

By Colin Tan on December 2, 2011, 10:08PM EST

Envy leads to greed; greed leads to betrayal; and betrayal apparently leads to all your brother's kingdoms belonging to you. Paradox Interactive have released the latest live action trailer for upcoming strategy RPG game Crusader Kings II, dubbed "Envy."

Crusader Kings II employs more than just the typical real-time strategy game, empowering players with the ability to negotiate, wage war, or, as the latest live action trailer shows, sow the seeds of greed among your brother's offspring and reap the benefits of their betrayal.

"Crusader Kings II is the most anticipated strategy title Paradox Interactive has ever released," said Paradox Interactive CEO Fred Wester. "The original game, with its unique focus on human failings and politics, earned the game a huge cult following that includes myself. That same focus on personalities makes it the perfect game for a live action trailer while we're putting the finishing touches on the game itself.

"With each trailer covering one of the seven deadly sins as well as explaining an aspect of CKII, it recently occurred to us that we were making edutainment, which was obviously a huge blow to us. We hope it won't happen again," Wester added.

Crusader Kings II is scheduled for a February 7, 2012 release on PC.

If you missed out, here is the first live action trailer, dubbed "Wrath." It's quite reminiscent of a certain Monty Python film.

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