Final Fantasy VII Gets Unreal Engine Make-Over

By Alastair Stevenson on December 6, 2011, 11:14AM EDT

Final Fantasy fan group Studio Paint has released a new video showing off its forthcoming re-worked version of the classic Final Fantasy VII.

Upgraded to Epic Games' Unreal engine the demo is intended to show-off what the classic 1997 JRP would look like on a current generation console. The group reportedly began work on the update after Square Enix teased fans with a tech demo showing fans what the game would like on the PS3 all the way back at 2005's E3.

Unfortunately for fans hoping to actually get to play Studio Paint's latest project, it's unlikely the updated demo will be released. Square Enix has previously threatened independent fan groups working on re-makes with legal action. Just two years ago the company effectively killed a fan-made re-make of the Super Nintendo RPG Chrono Trigger sending a cease and desist order to the development team.

Source: Wired

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